Baujahr 1939
Werft  A. Amiguet, Ouchy
Bauweise karwell beplankt
Rumpffarbe mahagoni
Bootsgeschichte destroyed in 2007 because it was in „unrestorable“ condition (ASPROLAC records, further details not available)

jz 2018 Amiguet claims to have built Joyeuse on the quai at Ouchy (although no one who heard the initial claim could remember a construction in the winter of 38/39). Was more likely transported there from France and put in the water. AND the boat was not even in the spirit of the design ! (open keyhole-shaped cockpit, no cabin, round fore-hatch and cover, mast crosstrees and/or diamond strut apparently placed differently). To this day, Joyeuse was the only boat which received a certificte which did not comply with the design and why … this is one of the great puzzles of life! (Others were refused).

Es wird behauptet dass Z10 als erster Lacustre eingewassert wurde.

Taufgeschichte auch unterwegs als „Jano III“ (?)